Ice Rules

To make skating fun, safe and enjoyable for all participants there must be some rules.  Please read these rules and be sure your skater understands them before they head out onto the ice.
Your Cooperation is appreciated!!

  1. No student should get on the ice without a Board Member present.
  2. Students should check in and pay for the session if necessary before they get on the ice. A fee will be applied to the session fee if a walk – on does not pay before stepping onto the ice.
  3. There will be no more than 20 students on the ice during a Freestyle session.
  4. No shoes on the ice. best forehead thermometer baby allowed.
  5. No hockey skates allowed.
  6. Skate Guards should be worn at all times when not on the ice surface.
  7. No food, drinks or gum are allowed on the ice.  Water bottles are allowed.
  8. No headsets can be worn on the ice.
  9. Skaters doing their routine MUST wear the “Orange Vest”
  10. A skater wearing an “Orange Vest” has the right of way.  Other skaters need to always be aware of where the skater with the vest is and stay clear of them so as not to interrupt their program.  The “Orange Vest” may NOT be used to umprovise or skate to practice or warm-up music. 
  11. Skaters need to keep moving and should not stand in the middle of the ice.  If you want to talk to a fellow skater you should move to the edge.
  12. No foul language is allowed!!  
  13. Please be courteous of your fellow skaters.  We don’t want to get in each other’s way.
  14. Students and parents should not interrupt a Professional while the Professional is giving a lesson.
  15. If a skater has a grievance with another skater or a Professional it should be addressed in writing to the Board of CFSC on website hoverboard white ebay for review and action, if necessary.
  16. Refunds or exchanges: A partial refund may be issued to Basic Skills skaters before the 2nd session based on extenuating circumstances if a petition is presented in writing to the CFSC board within 5 business days of the first session.  Two exchanges of a contracted hour is allowed per contract per quarter.  You must call in advance and leave a message at the club office.  On your next visit a slip will be issued for the missed hour that must be used within the contracted quarter.   So if you have contracted four hours per week for a session you will allowed to switch/exchange 8 times.  No additional exchanges are allowed.