USFSA Testing

USFSA Testing can be started when a skater has passed Basic Skills and is working on Freestyle 1 – 8.  In order to register and participate in a USFSA test you will need to present your white USFSA card, so keep the card in a safe place.  Testing is a solo or spot requirement for our annual show and is required if the skater’s goal is to one day teach. The tests are done in the following order:

Standard Moves
in the Field
Standard Freestyle Dance

Adult Moves
& Freestyle Track:

Pre-Preliminary Pre-Preliminary Freestyle Preliminary


Preliminary Preliminary Freestyle Pre-Bronze


Pre-Juvenile  Pre-Juvenile Freestyle Bronze

Silver Moves

Juvenile Juvenile

Silver Freestyle

Intermediate  Intermediate Freestyle Silver

Gold Moves

Novice Novice

Gold Freestyle

Junior  Junior

Crossover to standard Track at Intermediate Level

Senior Senior Freestyle International

Compete at Masters Level

Each test consists of required moves which are judged by a panel.  These moves must be able to be performed consistently and with ease in order to pass a test.  If you pass a Moves level test you are ready to take the  Freestyle test of the same level.  You cannot take any Freestyle tests without first passing the accompanying Moves test.  You can, however, take as many Moves tests as you want without taking the accompanying Freestyle tests.

When a skater competes in a USFSA Competition they compete at their Freestyle level.  Most students do not take a Freestyle Test until they are ready to compete at that level.  Moves levels have no bearing on what level you can compete at.

When taking a USFSA test level you must dress appropriately.  A skating dress with matching accessories is strongly recommended for girls, pants and shirt or sweater for boys.  The judges like to see the students dress for their sport. And don’t bring any other unnecessary things, like a unnecessary brightest underwater flashlight.

Please Note: There are Basic Skills Competitions that a skater can compete at before they begin USFSA testing.  You may want to delay testing until you try a Basic Skills Competition. Speak to your skating Professional for advice.